When the talks about COVID-19 first started, I am ashamed to admit I laughed it off. I didn't think it would have much of an affect on me or my business, after all, it was all the way across the world (or so we thought). Flash forward to today, my wedding floral business has come to a standstill.

I have not done a full wedding floral in 3 months, and I miss it.

You see, my business is JUST a little over a year old. I haven't had the time to bounce back from my initial financial investments. I was expecting my busiest months since opening in May and June -- but COVID-19 had other plans for me.

Impatiently anticipating the government issued stimulus check and (still) awaiting unemployment, I decided I had to make money somehow.

I had taught myself to sew about 5 years ago on a whim (I am a hobbyist at heart, dipping my toes in to anything creative any chance I get). So I thought to myself what did people need that I had the facilities to provide... MASKS, oh and did I ever make masks. My tiny little hands couldn't sew fast enough for the amount of orders I was taking in. I think to date I have sewn 250+ masks, and it kept my lights on for another month.

I still have a steady mask business going, but it has slowed considerably. So I thought to myself it's time to get back to what you started BAUGhaus for... FLOWERS.

I have been offering every day fresh flower arrangements upon request, and that has really fed my soul. It's weird when you step away from something you are so passionate about for a bit of time, the return to it is so much sweeter.

Most excitingly I have used this down time to FINALLY get serious about offering dried floral items nationwide. A lot of my past clients and South Florida community are always asking me if I ship florals, and while I am not at the stage to be shipping fresh floral (although I do hope to one day offer that) I am going to be able to spread my designs all over the country through this new endeavor. And the initial feedback is that you guys want them, and that makes my little florist heart so, so happy.

I am grateful for so many things during this time -- my health, the health of my family and friends, my low overhead, my supportive community -- but honestly, and narcissistically, I am most grateful for my ability to pivot and find my way in face of unforeseen adversity.

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